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After years of hard work building Symmetree from the ground up, we are beyond stoked to open our first retail store in Camden, Maine. You may be wondering why Maine... Valid question, being that we recently moved our whole production shop to sunny Florida. The answer is family. Jackson's mother, Cynthia, lives on the coast of Maine and opened Symmetree Base Camp in 2021. Our intention is to find the balance of living well while respecting the urgency of the global climate crisis, and our family is doing our best to spread awareness and promote positive, sustainable choices. 



The exciting part about opening our store has been the creative challenge of bringing in new Maine inspired designs. We've been hard at work creating some pretty awesome new products inspired by the rugged coastline of Maine. Complimenting Symmetree products are ethically sourced goods from environmentally and socially conscious small companies. They represent the active hope that comes from supporting aware and kind people from around the world, as we love and care for our fragile planet.